Top 10 Stock Music 2019 | Pond5 Most Wanted by M1Stop Studios

Composer: Resty Concepcion Jr.
Music Production: M1Stop Studios (

Video is an essential part of marketing and entertainment. And AUDIO is 50% of video. So this year, we will focus on improving your videos (and audio for that matter) by creating video tips, tutorial videos, and free music and sfx to help make your editing easier.

In this video, we look back on our top10 most downloaded music scores from our pond5 page (

Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below. What are your challenges when it comes to your video projects? Please comment below. Thank for watching and have a prosperous 2020!
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So here it is - our Top 10 Most Downloaded Stock Music of 2019. Enjoy listening!

Intro: 00:00
Title: Party Animal
Download link:

#10 00:51
Title: Country Road
Download Link:

#9 01:33
Title: Favorite Place
Download Link:

#8 02:10
Title: Care
Download Link:

#7 03:00
Title: Welcome To Ellen
Download Link:

#6 03:09
Title: Beginning of the End
Download Link:

#5 03:32
Title: Ice Cream Truck
Download Link:

#4 04:11
Title: When In Paris
Download Link:

#3 04:28
Title: Doubt, Disbelief, And Jealousy
Download Link

#2 05:11
Title: Beauty Hacks
Download Link:

#1 05:58
Title: Explore Body
Download Link:

Outro 6:59
Title: Infatuation
Download Link:
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